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Please see prices for pitches and cabins in our Our Prices 2019

Booking pitches for your tent, caravan or camper vans as wel as our cabins can be made by using our e-mail: booking@solbakken-camping.dk or by telephoning the manager on +45 51 32 94 67, who will also answer any question you might have regarding our camp site. Please note! We answer all (serious) e-mails. If you don't get an answer from us, please give us a phone call. For some reason, not all e-mails reach us.

Please note: When staying in a cabin, please remember to bring your own bed sheets, linen, towels, kitchen towels, dish washing liquid, etc. Cabins 1, 2 and 3 are equipped with a small kitchen, including fridge. Cabins 9 and 5 have access to fridge and cooking facilities in our communal kitchens.

 Hytte 1

 Hytte 2

Cabin 1: 1 double bed and two bunk beds + 1 extra bed possible, 18 m²

Cabin 2: 1 doublebed and two bunk beds + 1 extra bed possible, 16 m²



Hytte 3

Hytte 5

Cabin 3: 1 double bed + 1 extra bed possible, 15 m²

Cabin 5: 1 double bed, 8 m²



Hytte 8

Cabin 9

Cabin 8: 1 double bed, 9 m²

Cabin 9: 1 double bed, 9 m²

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