The site is arranged in an old apple grove with over 100 units spread over two plateaus.

Site view and surroudings

Site overview

A = The information

B = AED defibrillators

C = Bathing building, incl. handicap toilet

D = Sauna

E = Outdoor showers

F = Outdoor dishes

G = Landry

H = Solgården (common house)

I = Kitchen

J = Toilets, incl. handicap toilet

K = Kiosk (Solbiks)

L = Taverna

M = Camp fire site

N = Shelter

O = Tent site

P = ”Youth cabin” / activity house for children

Q = North – kitchen

R = North -toilets

S = North – bath

T = Outdoor showers

U = North rash toilet (Chemistry disposal place)

V = Drying cords

X = Fire extinguishing material

Y = Water posts

Z = Rash toilet (Chemistry disposal place)

AA = Garbage room

AB = MC Parking

AC = Access to the beach

AD = Boom to the road

AE = Boom next to the information

AF = Tent space in the forest without electricity

AG = Petanque

AH = Compost

AI = Volleyball courts

AJ = Playground

H1+H2+H3+H5+H8+H9 = Cabin for rent

Pl. 71 to 76 = Auto campers

Pl. 80 to 90 = For tourist caravans

Pl. 1 to 158 = For locals & tourists caravans

Pl. with B = Extra tent space among the caravans

201-216 = Private owned cabins not for rent

What is outside the campsite 

The town Kirke Hyllinge – about 4,5 km away


Dentist (Bygaden 20)

Doctor (Gyvelvej 1)

Fakta Supermarket

Flowers / gifts


Marco Pizzaria

Meny Supermarket

Petrol tank (F24)

Rema Supermarket

The Town Ejby – about 4,4 km away

Netto Supermarket

Petrol tank (Shell)

 The Town Skibby – about 11 km away

Drugstore (Matas)



The Town Holbæk – about 16 km away

Spare parts for caravans

Drugstore (Matas)

Optician 8 options


The Town Kirke Såby – about 11 km away

Spare parts for caravans

The Town Hvalsø – about 17 km away

Train to Copenhagen (Roskilde)

Train to Holbæk

Møllehøjvej (by Sydmarksvej) – approx. 800 meters away

Bus 219 to Kirke Hyllinge or Hvalsø