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Events 2017

Throughout the season, several events take place at Solbakken Camping, and you are more than welcome to participate.


Saturday, the 3rd: Whitsunday party at Solgården. The bar opens at 18:30, and closes late.

Sunday, the 4th: Whitsunday lunch at 13:00. Solgården or Solbakken, depending on the weather.

Friday, the 23rd: We celebrate Saint Hans - the traditional Danish mid-summer night.

We meet at Solgården at 20:00 for coffee, tea and dumplings.

At 21:30 we will proceed to the beach, where the traditional speech will be held, before we light the bonfire.

Saturday, the 24th: Midsummer night's party - we celebrate the longest day (in the shortest night). Solgården at 18:30.



Saturday, the 16thSolbakken's 60th birthday. We meet at the flag-pole at 08:00, hoist the flag and sing a birthday song.

At 15:00 there will be birthday cakes, tea and coffee at Solgården. 

At 18:30 we will fire up the barbecue (you must bring own food!) and a band will play live music later in the evening.

Sunday, the 22nd - Sunday the 30th: Our annual Family Festival.

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