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Nearby attractions



Walking, jogging or bicycle routes in the vicinity


Møllehøj burial mounds
Møllehøj is a double burial mound from the middle stone age (dated at around 3200-2800 BC). Double burial mounds are quite rare. They are primarily found in Hornsherred in western Zealand as well as in Himmerland in northern Jutland. In total, around 700 burial mounds are found in Denmark, of which 80 are double. Burial mounds were graves for the stone age farmers’ leading families and up to one hundred persons could be buried in one mound. Møllehøj consists of two adjoining chambers with a common roofstone, but each chamber with its own entrance. The chambers were excavated by the National Museum in 1938, thereby desecrating the grave for the first time in 4000 years.
You can find the Møllehøj burial mounds on Møllehøjvej, which is a side road to Kyndeløse Sydmarksvej (it will be on your right hand side as you go back towards Kirke Hyllinge from the campsite). Go to the very end of Møllehøjvej and you will find the mounds on the left hand side.


Ejby river valley
Ice age landscape with rare plants, a beautiful walk with nice views

2 km

Kirke Hyllinge church
Largest roman church in the area – from 1100.

4 km

Skibby Kino – the nearest cinema

11 km

Orø is a cozy island and a good biking destination. If you take the ferry to Holbæk on your way back, you can bike back from there through the forest.

11 km

Tadre water mill
One of the 100 remaining functional water mills in Denmark. The mill dates back to the middle ages.

15 km

Selsø castle
The history of the castle goes back to the 1200’s. Events are arranged on the grounds during the season, both during the day as well as evenings.

15 km

Cooperative village of Nyvang
A working Danish village from around 1920 near Holbæk. There are events during the weekends for children and adults during the season.

15 km

Turkish "Hamam" baths  
Spoil yourself! Especially when the weather is bad. Remember your swim suit.

17 km

Holbæk museum
The museum displays rooms from old farm houses, a merchant’s mansion, workers apartments from the 1940’s as well as a large exhibition of Knabstrup ceramics.

17 km

Hansens Flødeis
We produce our ice cream in the beautiful Hornsherred Dairy near Jægerspris. You are welcome to visit us at the dairy to see how we make ice cream. You can also buy ice cream at our own store.

18 km

Skuldelev Doll Museum and Toy Collection
Probably one of Denmarks largest private collections of toys

18 km

Ledreborg Castle
The castle can only be visited after prior arrangement, but the adjoining park may be visited. It is designed in the baroque style..

19 km

Holbæk GokartLand
Holbæk Go Kart Land is one of Denmark’s largest out-door go-kart tracks. This is the place to go for both young and old for excitement and speed. There is also a mini-golf, a play-ground and a restaurant.

20 km

Sagnlandet Lejre
Houses and environments from the stone-and iron-ages as well as the viking era. There are workshops and old domestic animal races.

21 km

Jægerspris castle
The castle dates back to the middle ages. Two memorial halls honoring King Frederik VII and Countess Danner who lived here from 1854 till 1863.

23 km

J.F. Willumsens Museum
The museum houses paintings, graphics, ceramics, photography and sculptures by the symbolist and expressionist,  J.F.Willumsen (1863-1958).

24 km

Frederikssund Vikingespil
Open air theatre in Frederikssund featuring Viking stories.

25 km

Roskilde Museum
In the exhibition the cultural history of Roskilde is displayed as well as artifacts from the rich Roskilde area, from the stone age up until today.

25 km

Roskilde Cathedral
A UNESCOs World Heritage Site and three-star attraction in the Michelin Guide. The Danish Kings are buried in the cathedral.

25 km

Lützhøfts Merchant’s House
The Merchant’s House functions as a museum, but it is also possible to buy various goods and articles in the store. The goods on display are copies of the original assortment from the 1920’s, and are sold by weight, wrapped in paper cones or paper bags, or wrapped in cotton yarn from the big roll hanging from the ceiling. More than 1000 different goods and articles are sold in the store.

25 km

Viking-ship Museum
Experience the ships of the vikings, the viking age and life at sea.

26 km

Sporvejsmuseet Skjoldenæsholm
Experience at trip in the old trams and busses. It is also possible to go for long walks in the beautiful adjoining forests.

26 km

Ulvsborgs Historical Workshop
A reconstruction of a fortified nobleman’s farm displaying life in the period 1050 to 1250, where Denmark underwent great changes.

40 km

Birkegårdens gardens
The park consists of different types of gardens, four play-grounds, corrals for various farm animals, mini-golf, several picnic areas as well as a spacious café and store.

41 km

Frederiksborg castle
Since the beginning of the 1500’s Danish kings have used the Frederiksborg Castle as a hunting castle as well as royal residence.

45 km

Amusement park in the centre of Copenhagen, featuring rides, restaurants, music, etc. Here you can find the world's oldest wooden rollercoaster, as well as the fastest rollercoaster in Denmark.

59 km

Originating 400 years ago, Bakken is the world’s oldest amusement park.

66 km

A big amusement park featuring more than 60 rides for all ages.

80 km



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